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Continuing a Legacy

Written by
Rasmus Dengsø & Jens Svensson
March 8, 2017

Our Creative Director and Founding Partner, Frederik Høltzel has a long history in watches and watchmaking runs in the family.

We decided to visit Frederik at his home on the island of Tåsinge in Southern Funen. Here we learned that Frederik’s great grandfather, Rasmus Jensen Jørgensen was a trained watchmaker who had a small workshop, which later grew into a watch store in Tåsinge where he had his own watch brand. 

Frederik was born in Spain. Completed his Master’s Degree in gemmology in Germany and moved to London where he began his career. Talking to Frederik’s mother she describes him as a very creative soul; “Frederik always used his hands as a creative outlet. He even learned to knit at the age of five producing his own scarf”. 

After several years abroad, Frederik decided to move back to his family roots and has now lived in Tåsinge for more than 15 years. Today, Frederik has more than 25 years of experience within the watch and jewellery business. Frederik has designed and produced watches for several Scandinavian and European watch brands.

Before putting pencil to paper, Frederik spent several years developing and fine-tuning his designs.

Frederik’s vision was to create an expression that honours the tradition of watchmaking and is modern at the same time. From there ORLO Watches began to take shape. ”ORLO was founded on the ambition to create a watch known for its quality and simplicity”. The inspiration comes from vintage designs, including his great grandfather’s old designs, combined with his own Scandinavian values of minimalism.


Parts for watches









Rasmus Jensen Jørgensen was known for his craft and the manufacturing of pocket watches.

With a unique passion for movements, he was also responsible for the maintenance of the city's church- and town hall clocks. After his passing the city wanted to preserve his memory and contribution to the community.

At Tåsinge Regional Museum, you can find a beautiful exhibition, where you can see Rasmus Jensen Jørgensen’s work station and all the tools used to perform his craft. 

“I used to visit flea markets and started collecting vintage watches and dismantled parts like dial hands and cases. Once a year, I go through my collection to get inspired"

Frederik explains:

“It has been a very personal journey, connecting with my roots and finding joy in creating honest designs with real values”.