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Creating the magic

Written by
Tim Panduro
April 3, 2017

Cille Grut is an accomplished interior design stylist. We were lucky to get a more in-depth behind the scenes interview with her, where she shares her creative process. 

Cille Grut encapsulated the spirit of each watch collection through four visually exciting installations. 

Cille : “We have created distinct installations that represent each of the four different watch collections, as I wanted to tell the story about how each direction was inspired. My creative interpretation came from the brief that I had received from Darling Creatives Studios”.

“When creating these types of displays, I like layering things to achieve a stacking effect, which evolves throughout the process and helps to highlight the different materials in the watches”.

Hitch Collection: “Hitch is a very colorful and funky collection. Here we focused on reflections, and combined colors to add a playful dimension to the collection. We mixed foam, plexi-glass and pieces of glass in different colors”. 

Copenhagen Collection: “This is a classic and sleek watch, therefore it requires more tranquility in the way it is represented. I used chrome and aluminium, black wood, black glass and black and grey marble. I focused on classic materials, such as blanched marble, which is a classic type of this material. It gives a nice contrast to the chrome pipes and the aluminium.

Ossel Collection: “Here I combined raw and delicate in one piece. Personally, I see this watch as something that you keep for the rest of your life, and it is something that my grandfather might have worn”. 

Bowen Collection: “This is so retro and takes me back to the 70’s, especially with the smoked colored glass. I’ tried to gather all the leather straps with colors recurring in the dials to add constant playfulness to the display. I was planning to use this soft leather surface but I quickly realized that the back of the leather had a much more interesting surface, and contrasts well the material”. 

Through highlighting contrasts, the gold watch becomes something extraordinary when you combine it with a raw surface - this is actually the back of a slab. Concrete slabs, which are industrial in their expression, give a great effect when you layer them. The matte polished brass highlights the golden numbers in the dial and highlights the rest of the material really well. Here we’re lucky that we had a raw, polished concrete wall available as a backdrop which we could incorporate in the installation”.

“This is crafted wood from a woodturner - here you can see the rawness in the shape of moss, as well as the deep wood veins. This is very 70s, and therefore also very recognizable. I focused on adding craftsmanship into the material in order to highlight the craftsmanship in the watches. When we were setting everything up yesterday, I felt that the collection was missing a hard material and some colors, as if  everything had become very soft. Luckily, I found a box at home with vintage letters and numbers in the exact same green color as one of the Bowen watches, together with this old brown marble, which has a very strong 70s vibe to it. Overall the Bowen installation has a much softer expression then the rest of the installations, therefore I decided to keep the rough natural cuts in the leather in order to add an organic dimension to the installation”. 

What’s the first thing that comes to mind, when you start a creative process like this?

Cille:“It’s important to make sure that the product can be displayed in a proper space. Our focus was to create a system for how to display the four different collections so that they were aligned across the four categories. I’m not good with technical drawings, therefore I partner up with Oliver, who helped me draw these boxes, which are the basic foundation for the installations”.

Oliver : “In order to showcase the watches properly and make them stand out, we chose a slender material in the shape of this thin steel rod. In order to make the watches sit properly on the steel rod we’ve used a thicker tube”.

What’s your approach for transforming a brand into an installation?

“When I start on a project like this, with an interpretation of a brand that needs to be manifested down into an installation - then I create a system – as much as for much own benefit, as for that of the installation. I work with a lot of different brands and interior design projects. The target audience is always different depending on the product. 

For ORLO, I started off by thinking about who the receiver of these watches will be and what they will get for it. I need to get to know and feel each and every watch in order to come up with a story for this exact product. And that’s what I’ve done in this process as well. I could tell you a bunch of stories about who’s received this watch from whom, how long they will keep it, whether it’s a woman who bought it for her husband or someone who gifted it to their friend, and what time in their life they received it. I believe it is something that should be reflected through these installations.

The choice of material should express where they are in life at the moment, and this is probably an interpretation that’s only obvious to me. However, at some level it would be nice if the audience understood this as well. I would love people to be inspired by our set-up today and look at the installations and think that I would like to be here, or here I feel comfortable. These emotions and feelings are an unconscious thing that you take in. At least, that is what I hope.”.