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Launching a new brand

Written by
Tim Panduro
April 3, 2017

Uffe Buchard is the leading authority on fashion in Denmark. He is creative director, editor-in-chief, TV host and fashion writer. 

For the launch event we teamed up with Uffe Buchard, as we had complete faith that he would encapsulate our brand vision, down to the very last detail. Uffe has been the creative backbone throughout the entire creative process - from art direction, venue selection and to the choice of material.

Uffe : “My brief to Cille Grut had an overall masculine feel to it. I wanted something factory-like and raw, so I included a lot of piping. I’m quite captivated and inspired by industrial trends at the moment  - it might sound silly, but the industrial dimension is quite picturesque”.

“...and then we added a lot of small quirky things like, glass, different shades of steel and funny gizmo cots, which Cille spent several days sourcing”.

Uffe’s visionary ambition and creative insight into how to launch ORLO more than surpassed our expectations of how to birth our brand to the world. The location he chose and the space he created, captured a raw and magical moment in time.

Uffe elaborates: “I wanted to find a location where people feel comfortable, a place that you’ve not necessarily been before, in order to add an element of surprise for people when they walk in and think, wow - does this really exist in real life?”. - and this space is absolutely magical as it manages to combine the old city of Copenhagen, with something quite modern and new”.

We’re passionate about the potential to inspire. Doing something out of the ordinary and a little differently as Uffe has recognised, is a value we certainly like to mingle with.

How often do you actually hear about a new watch brand launching in Denmark? Not that often, right - and therefore we had to do something out of the ordinary”.